With AVT rubber tracks you can say goodbye to tracking vibration

What is AVT?
AVT is a brand new concept in rubber track technology which provides a massive reduction in tracking vibration levels.
How is AVT different to other rubber tracks?
AVT has a unique and patented diamond shaped roller guide lug which in effect provides an almost completely continuous roller runningway.  The result is that the vibration produced by the rollers as they ?bump? over the gaps between the links on a conventional style track is greatly reduced.
This technology represents the most important advance in rubber track design for many years.
How much is vibration reduced by AVT?
In May 2007 a vibration comparison was carried out by an independent acoustic engineer.  The test was run on a 3 tonne excavator over a range of surfaces, hard to soft.  The average result was an amazing???.. 75% vibration reduction.
Standard Style track, showing the gap between the lugs that causes vibration as the rollers “bump” over them.
AVT style track, showing the diamond shaped lugs that form the “continuous” runningway, no gaps, minimal vibration.

How does this benefit you?
AVT tracks will benefit both the machine and the operator alike with;
Increased comfort levels
Less driver fatigue
Less wear and tear on rollers, idlers and sprockets
Reduced maintenance and downtime
Higher resale value
Reduced noise levels
What are the long term risks caused by excessive vibration levels?
Health professionals around the world are growing increasingly concerned about the long term effects of vibration such as typically caused by the operation of machinery such as mini-excavators.  Whole Body Vibration or WBV is known to be associated with spinal conditions such as;
Spinal degeneration
Disc displacement
Lumbar Scoliosis
Intervertebral disc disease
Herniated discs
As well as disorders of the gastrointestinal system, uro-genital systems, headaches, loss of balance and loss of fine motor skills (co-ordination).
Protect yourself and your machines with AVT tracks.
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