Aluminium Machinery Ramps
Stronger, Lighter, Safer, Better:  TKV?s range of machinery ramps are constructed from a specialised aluminium alloy.  This space age material as used in aircraft construction is higher in tensile strength and harder than that used by most manufacturers.  This means we can supply lighter weight ramps without having to compromise on quality or durability.
TKV?s range of ramps will cover almost every machine from 1-12 tonnes running either tracks or tyres or ramps designed to suit both.
The PT range of ramp has been specifically designed for all surface rubber track loaders such as Posi-Track and CAT.  Featuring a wider and softer style tread surface, these ramps allow safe loading without damaging this expensive style of track.

Diesel Tanks
TKV?s range of polytuff diesel tanks is the ideal solution for on-site refuelling problems.  No more jerry cans and funnels, this unpleasant job can now be carried out easily, safely and efficiently.
These impact resistant tanks come with the following list of standard features;
Large range of sizes from 100ltr, 200ltr right up to 1000ltr capacity
Auto shut-off gun
4.0 metre delivery hose
4.0 metre battery cable complete with alligator clamps
Tank baffles in 300, 400, 600 and 800 litre sizes
Aprox 40 LPM flow (12 volt) and 65 LPM (24 volt)
Option available include;
Litre counters
Hose hooks
Low profile models for unrestricted rear vision if mounted in a ute
12/24 dual voltage pumps

Associated Accessories