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Excavator Machines We Provide Tracks For

We work with and provide for over 50+ different brands! Whether you’re looking for tracks to suit anything between a 1 tonne excavator and a 30-tonne excavator, rubber tracks or Steel tracks, we’ve got you covered.


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No matter where you are in Australia, we’ve got your back. We have multiple locations across the country, so when time is of the essence, count on us to deliver your order pronto. Just let us know if you’re looking for long-lasting, premium quality, or value-for-money tracks, and we’ll find the right fit for you.

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Why choose TKV for your Excavator Tracks?

We’re the largest Australian track and undercarriage distributor, so you’ll always find the stock and knowledge you need right here.

We’re the largest Australian track and undercarriage distributor, so you’ll always find the stock and knowledge you need right here.

Our expert team takes pride in being quick and efficient at delivering quality excavator tracks and undercarriage parts to your machine.

Steel Tracks for Excavators

Greased Track Chains

TKV’s excavator track chains are typically constructed with a sealed and greased design. These greased track chains feature a plastic seal placed between the link and the track pin, accompanied by synthetic grease lubrication, making them incredibly robust and durable.

The benefits of utilizing greased track chain links include:

  1. Protection Against Contaminants: The seals act as a barrier, preventing soil and debris from infiltrating the chain while maintaining a secure enclosure of the grease. This significantly extends the lifespan of the chains.
  2. Weather Resistance: Prior to installation, the pins are generously greased, rendering them resistant to adverse weather conditions and corrosion.
  3. Reduced Wear: The minimal play between the pin and the bushing helps prevent premature wear and tear.


The result of these advantages is a remarkable 20% longer service life for greased track chain links when compared to their dry chain counterparts


Thanks to the enhanced mobility and speed of bulldozer track systems, they typically use oil-lubricated track chains, often referred to as SALT chains (Sealed and Lubricated Type). These oil-lubricated track chains employ a wet bushing design that keeps the pin and bush joint consistently lubricated by trapping oil within the bushing.

All of TKV’s SALT chains come equipped with a split master joining system. This system consists of two separate parts that interlock and are secured together through the track shoe via bolts.

It’s important to note that with SALT chains (oil-lubricated track chains), there is slightly more clearance between the pin and the bushing compared to greased track links. After the pin is pressed into place, the gap between the pin and the bushing is vacuum-sealed and filled with oil. To ensure optimal performance, top-notch seals are crucial for minimising wear and tear on oil-lubricated track chain links.

Here are the advantages of using oil-lubricated SALT track chains:

  1. Exceptional Durability: SALT chains with their robust sealing mechanisms are well-suited for high-mobility and high-speed applications, ensuring a long service life.
  2. Easy Installation and Removal: The split link master joints do not require a track press for fitting or removal, simplifying maintenance.
  3. Quieter and Heavier: Oil-lubricated track chains tend to be quieter during operation and typically carry more weight compared to greased chains, offering enhanced stability and performance.

Steel Track Groups

In addition to providing replacement track chains, TKV offers a comprehensive track group assembly service. If you’re looking to get your machine up and running quickly or if your existing track shoes are worn or damaged, track groups could be the perfect solution.

TKV track groups are complete track chain assemblies with track shoes already installed. All you have to do is wrap these new tracks onto your machine, and you’ll be back to work in no time!

Our track shoes are secured using high-tensile 12.9-grade track bolts and nuts, and their torque is precisely calibrated within +/- 5% using state-of-the-art electro-pneumatic torque wrench technology.

Rubber Track Pads for Excavators

Bolt on rubber track pads

Introducing Tuffpad Bolt-On Rubber Track Pads – the perfect solution when your excavator already has shoes bolted to the chains with specially drilled holes for a precise fit.

Our Bolt-On Excavator Track Pads are incredibly popular for a reason. They offer outstanding durability because the shoe adds extra strength, and the bolts on the back of the rubber pads ensure a secure attachment. This means you can enjoy a tight, wobble-free fit that keeps you moving smoothly.

Not only are Bolt-On Rubber Track Pads highly dependable, but they also happen to be a budget-friendly choice. However, it’s worth noting that they may not be as quick and easy to remove or replace compared to clip-on styles.

Clip on rubber track pads

Clip-On Rubber Track Pads come to the rescue when your excavator has track shoes that lack pre-drilled holes for bolt-on styles. These handy pads feature clips on each end that easily wrap around the shoe, ensuring a secure hold. This combination creates a protective buffer between the steel track shoe and the working surface, essentially transforming your machine into a rubber-tracked powerhouse.

What makes Clip-On Excavator Track Pads stand out is their user-friendliness. They are designed to be the quickest and simplest to remove and reinstall. This makes them an ideal choice for short-term or project-specific needs. With Tuffpad clip-ons, you can say goodbye to the hassle of constantly laying down protective mats to safeguard the surfaces you need to navigate.

Chain on rubber track pads

Meet Chain-On Rubber Track Pads, sometimes referred to as Roadliners, which are directly mounted onto the track chain without the need for a separate track shoe.

These specialized excavator track pads are a popular choice for mini excavators from brands like Komatsu and Hitachi. They are particularly well-suited for situations where your equipment primarily operates on paved surfaces. Additionally, they excel in applications where safeguarding the surface is of utmost importance, such as in rail-related tasks.

It’s important to note that, since there is no separate track shoe involved, chain-on pads are not recommended for applications that require frequent removal and reinstallation of the pads, depending on the specific project requirements


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To obtain a quote or for more information, select the make and model of your machine, then select the parts you require.

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